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He initially thought the cashier was playing a joke on him, but soon discovered he’d won $12.25m CAD. He couldn’t wait to get home and immediately raced there to wake everybody up. It was late and they were asleep but didn’t mind being woken by the Lebanese Canadian lottery winner to hear their father’s news. Sheba is originally from Iraq but his mother has lived in Lebanon for many years. He has not seen her in around 11 years. Now, he plans to visit the Middle East including Jordan, Lebanon and his home country of Iraq.

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The hardship of betting every day is endless, because lotto players clubhe borrows time and time again to complete his house work and get one of his daughters married. Tickets for 300 rupees are relatively expensive, so he didn't tell anyone what to buy.

Kerala lottery players have good reason to try their luck this December because there is also going to be a Christmas-New Year Bumper lottery with a massive jackpot prize of Rs 12 crore! There will be ten prize levels, from the top prize, down to lower-level prizes of Rs 50 lakh – Rs 1,000.